What we do

PHILÒO plans and realizes activities of philosophical practice, which are specifically designed for the needs of every organization and every single person who work there.


training workshop about conversation’s skill

It’s important to converse, and to converse well, in every organized frame work which involve interaction and cooperation among different professionals and roles.

Regular dialogue and reflection meetings

on themes concerning specific interest of applicants, starting by clarifications borrowed by philosophical culture, to stimulate the ability to comparison and to collective reasoning, the openness to the diversity and the new.

Seminaries about the great philosophical themes from the past to nowadays

To approach oneself to the philosophical culture outside the academy and to discover the concreteness of philosophy and what it offers to improve the wellness of everyone in his private life and in the social and working life.

One to one speechs for those who want individualized intervention of philosophical coaching

To develop strategies for problem’s solution. To manage changes. To clarify and structure communication skills. To think different about work and everyday life. To renew ideas and projects of working and private life.